Future Salsa in the Making

We plant our seeds, we water them, we hope for some sunshine, we water them some more then one day a little green sprout muscles its way through the soil. That little sprout is going to be a delicious ingredient in my homemade fresh salsa, or perhaps a pickle or even just picked and eaten right off the plant in my backyard. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you planted the seed, you watered it, you hoped for sunshine and you believed that little sprout would make it to the light of day in time. It’s like the giant timber bamboo success metaphor in my good friend Greg Bell’s book: Water the Bamboo. For this type of bamboo, you plant the seeds, you water the soil for year one, not

100 People Project | What do you need?

It’s simple, I’m going to ask 100 people “what do you need?” Then I’ll spend 15 minutes helping them meet that need for free, yep FREE. That’s exactly what Shenee Howard did as she worked to build her business. I learned about her 100 People Project in Chris Guillebeau’s new book, Born For This. I also heard about it on this great Start Up Sessions Podcast. She used her time to not only help 100 people get unstuck and moving forward, she also got some great clarity and focus for how to target how she worked with her clients. As a freelance project manager and team builder I help people in lots of different ways. I’ve worked on brand messaging, sales, marketing, trade shows, events, professio

What does your business do?

You have this great idea for a business. You just know your product can make people’s lives better. You are excited to tell people about this amazing idea of yours. Now imagine yourself in an elevator with your former boss and he asks you, “so what have you been up to these days?” You are brimming with pride and you tell him, “I’m starting my own business, it’s going to be great.” He says, “oh really, that’s awesome. What does your business do?” You say, “It’s going to make people’s lives easier.” “How will it do that?” he says. In your mind you have all of these great things to say, but you just can’t articulate it at that moment. Been there, done that! Man, does that make you feel like an

I'm going to eat chocolate cake for breakfast!

I was perusing Facebook this morning and ran across an article that my cousin Cindy Dunbar posted. It boasted that eating chocolate cake for breakfast is good for you and may even help you lose weight. Yessssss! Here’s a link to the article from fromthegrapevine.com. Anyone that knows me knows I have a huge sweet tooth. So I’ll be doing some serious research on this topic. And to make myself feel better about this experiment, I read more about a Syracuse research study on the topic. Check that out here. I’m a very lucky descendant from a chocolate cake making diva. My mom made the best chocolate cake. My cousins and their kids have dubbed it Aunt Carol’s cake. In an effort to make you a heal

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