Virtual-ing Well

While I’m not able to host groups out here at the Peach Cheesecake Ranch right now, I, like some of you, am spending A LOT more time connecting with people virtually. I thought I’d gather a collection of resources to help us get the most of our virtual time together. Tips for meetings, time wasters, personal flourishing, pretty pictures and just some pure joy.  Enjoy! A Few Items From Harvard Business Review Tips For Your Big Virtual Meetings How To Combat Zoom Fatigue Virtual Meetings Don’t Have To Be A Bore 10 Websites Worth Wasting Time On From Jen McFarland of Women Conquer Business 20 Online Energizers For Virtual Teams And Remote Meetings By The SessionLab Resources for Working from H

From Classic Denise —> Action with Intention

Soooo, I have found myself finding anything and everything to keep myself busy right now. I fill just about every single second of my time with doing. I am a human do-ing, not necessarily a human be-ing. Is this much different in “normal” times for me? Actually…not really. I’m listening to Brené Brown’s podcast, Unlocking Us. One of the episodes is all about over- and under- functioners. Can you guess which one I am? This makes me think of the saying, “when the going gets tough, the tough get going.” Man am I tough, cause this girl is always going. In my mind, this ability to keep going and doing is what has made me a great project manager and productivity coach. The keep running, keep che

Work From Home Challenge #16

Connection | Stay connected What are you doing to stay connected? Share one tip you have to feel connected to others outside of your own home petri dish. To keep me feeling connected, I’ve been doing the Work From Home Challenge for three weeks now, daily during the week. I’ve picked up another Project Management gig (YAY!) so I don’t have as much free time as I’ve had. So I’m going to keep the challenge going, but do it weekly from now on. This has been a great exercise to keep me motivated and have something meaningful to do each day, something creative that keeps me thinking about you all. This pic is a collection of all the challenges so far. Here’s a written recap as well. Work From Hom

Work From Home Challenge #15

Fun with food | Sourdough Bread Have you found yourself baking in these strange times? I sure have. This week was a lemon pound cake and sourdough bread. Post a pic of your favorite food concoction. For today’s Work From Home challenge I made a video (kinda long, sorry about that) of the entire Sourdough bread making process. It was about 14 minutes of hands on time, just over 24 hours total time. There is something incredibly therapeutic about baking. I once thought, on one particularly stressful cat herding, project management day, that I would just love to work in a bakery and bake bread all day. Who knew I would get that wish…sort of. Here’s an article that goes into the why behind my o

Work From Home Challenge #14

Sticky Note Therapy | Gratitude This week’s sticky note therapy is all about gratitude! Post a pic of what you are grateful for right now. Dig deep or be superficial, it doesn’t matter. This lemon pound cake is a result of one of the things I’m grateful for this week. So much time to bake. I’ve been participating in many Zoom calls, meditation experiences and phone calls these past few weeks. Gratitude seems to be the common denominator in all of these as a way to feel more positive emotions, savor good experiences, make sense of all of this adversity, build strong relationships. It can even improve your health. Try it. I dare you! Keep following along with the Work From Challenge here: I

Work From Home Challenge #13

Recess | Get on your feet Time for a break. Get up for your desk/workstation, stand up and take a few deep breaths. Get outside if you are able and even if you aren’t, do a quick little walk around the house. Post a photo or video of your quick break. Tag it with #PlayWFH. It’s not raining in Corbett at this exact moment so I was able to do a quick loop outside for my mental break. April showers bring May flowers. Here’s a little video of a loop I like to do for my mental break. Enjoy. Keep following along with the Work From Challenge here: Instagram: @peachcheesecakeranch Facebook: Twitter: @peachcheesecake LinkedIn:

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