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These exercises are game changers!

If you gather with your team whatsoever, if you haven’t used this book, you should start right now.

It really is just that, an amazing PLAY book. It is full of fun ways to help you communicate better, break down barriers and brainstorm new ideas.

I’ve been gathering and working with teams for many, many years. Finding this book in 2010 opened my eyes to the many innovative ways to get your team from point A all the way to point Z.

Do you have any favorite exercises for when you gather with your team? I would love it if you would share them with me.


If you are finding yourself feeling stuck on your big projects, feeling overwhelmed by ALL OF THE THINGS, my next Take Action Retreat on April 20th might be just the thing for you. Learn more about it here. And, if April 20th doesn’t work for you, there are two other dates later in the summer that might work.

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