Acting as if

I wrote this yesterday morning after being being inspired by a powerfully vulnerable email from my amazing friend and writer Sage Cohen. I started writing and it came right out. Then I quickly saved it and didn’t hit send. This morning I woke up thinking about her email and mine and I’m thinking Sunday isn’t the best day to send an email. But you know what, if I wait to send it again, I just might not send it at all. Here’s to hitting send and owning my work in progress. —— It’s funny how our social media, email outreach creates an illusion of what is real for us. I guess it’s not funny, it’s curious. As I ponder this, it occurred to me that my social media and marketing is a way for me to p

Get focused, get clear, get sh*t done.

Have you ever said this to yourself? Man I have so many things swirling around in my head. I’m not sure what to do first, second, or third. I’m feeling overwhelmed. Kick-off 2019 with a simple productivity tool. I have turned a tool that I’ve been using for years for myself and my clients into a simple Take Action Worksheet designed to help you get all of those actions out of your head, into a list and then into a workflow that is visual and easy follow. I have clients that have been using this for years. Some have even made a bigger than life version for their office walls. I’ve adapted this tool based on a Kanban board. The underlying Kanban method originated in lean manufacturing inspired

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