Recipes for Gathering | Baklava

Making baklava is one of my holiday traditions, what are some of yours? While in middle school I was in the 4H. As part of 4H, you entered various things into the various competitions at the Del Mar Fair. For me that was a lamb, some sewing, snickerdoodles and baklava. My little lamb was super little so he didn’t qualify for any awards. I got a blue ribbon for my sewing and snickerdoodles. The baklava, I won the Sweepstakes award. The best of the best of desserts. It’s been over 10 years since I made baklava. I don’t really know why. This year’s batch turned out so good. I think it was so delicious because I was able to make it in the company of good friends, with laughter and the 49er game

First day of school jitters

Ok, it wasn’t my first day of school, but it was the first day of a new contract at a way cool digital agency that I hadn’t worked for before. I’m extremely grateful to have worked in the creative biz in Portland for many, many years. So at said way cool agency there were a few familiar, friendly faces. Those faces were welcoming, surprised and happy to see me. The work is 100% within my wheelhouse, yet I still got that “oh shit, am I good enough” feeling. New agency means new tools, new processes and new relationships. All of which I love, and still the jitters. Honestly, jitters = a good thing. It means getting out of my comfort zone. It means pushing myself to step up. It means, wait for

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