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100 People Project | What do you need?

It’s simple, I’m going to ask 100 people “what do you need?” Then I’ll spend 15 minutes helping them meet that need for free, yep FREE.

That’s exactly what Shenee Howard did as she worked to build her business. I learned about her 100 People Project in Chris Guillebeau’s new book, Born For This. I also heard about it on this great Start Up Sessions Podcast. She used her time to not only help 100 people get unstuck and moving forward, she also got some great clarity and focus for how to target how she worked with her clients.

As a freelance project manager and team builder I help people in lots of different ways. I’ve worked on brand messaging, sales, marketing, trade shows, events, professional team management, websites applications…you name it I’ve done it. I’ve worked with teams on the high level strategy side of the work, down to creating spreadsheets that organized 285 ADA signs in a office building in Portland’s China town.

NWEA - Possibilities Project

It’s in this work that I’ve been able to develop a diverse set of skills that I like to call my secret sauce: making it easier for people do the things that seems hard.

I work with entrepreneurs and small businesses to help them get past the things that are blocking them, the things that are keeping them from doing their best work. Things like:

- Designing workflow systems

- Scoping and budgeting projects

- Managing the design and development of websites

- Defining their buyer’s journey

- Defining their ideal customers

- Elevator pitch brainstorming

- Canvas business planning

As I hone these offerings, I’ve decided to embark on my own 100 People Project. I want to hear what people need help with. I’m excited to be able to, in even a small way, help them move forward as they build their businesses.

I’d love your help making this happen. If you’d like to talk to me about solutions to your most pressing dilemmas for 15 minutes (it will be fun & you get to pick my brain for free!) click here and book your time. I promise. No strings attached. Just a nice chat.

Also, if you KNOW someone who who could use my help, would you mind sending them here?

I cannot wait to see how this all turns out!

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