How are you?

I’m fine. That is such a knee-jerk response to that question. I pretty much absentmindedly give that answer to that question every time, even in these times. But I do have to say that after I respond with “I’m fine,” I almost instantly add, “for these times” or “as well as can be expected.” Why is my knee-jerk response “I’m fine?” Is it because that’s what’s expected? Or, I don’t want anyone to know that I’m not fine. Or, maybe I am fine. What the heck is fine anyway? Back in the olden days, when I was a cool person working in the Skate and Snowboarding business, I had a colleague at TransWorld, Tim Wrisley, that used to say when someone said something was fine, “OK, that means it’s just OK,

Are You Becoming a Zoombie?

Please keep yourself from looking like me and my cousins. Zoom burnout is no joke. Take it from us. All kidding aside, I think so many of us are spending a whole lot of time in Zoom meetings and other forms of video conferencing. Why is this taking so much out of us? The Harvard Business Review article, "How to Combat Zoom Fatigue" says: It’s because they force us to focus more intently on conversations in order to absorb information. Think of it this way: when you’re sitting in a conference room, you can rely on whispered side exchanges to catch you up if you get distracted or answer quick, clarifying questions. During a video call, however, it’s impossible to do this unless you use the p

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