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Future Salsa in the Making

We plant our seeds, we water them, we hope for some sunshine, we water them some more then one day a little green sprout muscles its way through the soil. That little sprout is going to be a delicious ingredient in my homemade fresh salsa, or perhaps a pickle or even just picked and eaten right off the plant in my backyard.

It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you planted the seed, you watered it, you hoped for sunshine and you believed that little sprout would make it to the light of day in time.

It’s like the giant timber bamboo success metaphor in my good friend Greg Bell’s book: Water the Bamboo. For this type of bamboo, you plant the seeds, you water the soil for year one, nothing. Year two, still nothing, year three, BAM, it can grow 90 feet in 60 days. What you don’t see in those first couple of years is that under the ground the roots have been growing and getting stronger, some the length of a football field.

It’s not rocket science people. You have to do the work. Not just the fun work, but the hard, lonely work. The work that sets the foundation for the amazing things you will do, the impacts you will make for your clients, customers, family and friends.

For me that work is finding ways to help my client’s do their best work. I am behind the scenes helping them tackle the things that seem overwhelming or hard. I get to clear out the clutter so they can shine. I build spreadsheets, budgets, schedules, gather project assets, search for stock photos. I connect them with the right resource at the right time so their work gets to flow. I use Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Harvest, Jira. Whatever software is best for their project and team.

What is your work? How are you sowing your carefully planted seeds? And, how can I help?

Sign up for a free 15-minute work session with me. Its part of my 100 People Project to help people get unstuck and taking action.

Now, back to that little sprout, I wait patiently for the sun and water to nourish my small plants into hearty tomatoes and peppers...and into my favorite Fresh Salsa Recipe.

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