Let’s just say, SH*T WAS DONE!

It’s amazing when things go as planned. Or maybe even go better as planned. I had the most beautiful day last week with my partner in Get Sh*t Done #GSD crime, Jody Temple White; the hostess with the mostest, Ruthanne Adams of Heaven and Earth Retreats and nine brave entrepreneurs and small business owners. Let’s just say, sh*t was done at the Take Action Retreat. And done in so many different ways. The gorgeous grounds at Heaven and Earth Retreats provided an incredible variety of quiet spaces in nature, spaces inside with views and everything in between. You can see photos of all of the great spaces in the Retreat Event Gallery. We had an eclectic collection of action takers; a few writers

Your business idea is awesome and THREE take action steps to do right now.

It starts with a kernel of a thought. You start to daydream about it. You do some research on what else is out there, who else may be doing something similar to what you want to do. You feel called to serve your future customers by creating X, Y or Z. If you are daydreaming about it, then IT IS awesome. All you need to do is do something about it. Easy right? Ok, not really, but it really should be. Something that you feel so passionately could be if you had a few tricks up your sleeve. Here are three ways to take immediate action toward making this idea a reality. 1. Product Description Worksheet What is it about your business idea that makes it yours? What product or service do you want t

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