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Checking back in + five resources

We’re still here out here at The Ranch. Feeling very grateful for the open space and separation from “the city”. We’re just waiting for when things feel safe for folks to come on back out and spend some time working on things that matter.

The Collab Lab table might be a little dusty and the whiteboard a little empty but it’s still holding the creative energy from all the folks that have used the space to gather, connect, and take action.

New update to the space…we’ve waterproofed the patio and added a wood stove to create a year-round outside gathering space. We have so enjoyed bundling up with our friends for some outdoor COVID-safe hangs.

Since we are still in that pandemic holding pattern, I’ve been keeping myself busy with some great clients helping them bring their projects to life. And, when you are ready to gather again, I am here to welcome creative thinkers, action doers, and mindful makers back to the Peach Cheesecake Ranch!

In the meantime here are some juicy bits and resources that I’ve found while I’ve been doing, watching, and reading.   

1. Private Online Cooking Classes live from Tuscany - I’ve partnered with Chicca from Cooking in Tuscany to bring you and your company, team, family, or friends private cooking classes. We can design interactive and private online classes live from Chicca’s kitchen in Tuscany.

We make it easy to learn how to make gnocchi from scratch, fresh pasta dough, or master many other classic recipes from the Italian tradition.

These are some of our most popular options:

• Gnocchi from scratch paired with a seasonal sauce

• Handmade Fettuccine and a seasonal sauce

• Classic Italian Tiramisu, step by step

• Homemade Orecchiette or Cavatelli paired with a seasonal sauce

2. Outside Fire Cooking - It's been real cold and wet here in Oregon for weeks. We finally had a break in the weather and the sun came out so Gene and I decided to take our dinner prep outside to the fire. I was doing my best to channel my friends at Tournant PDX. I can tell you keeping the fire consistently hot is not as easy as Mona, Jaret and team make it look. If you are interested in learning to cook outside on a live fire check out Tournant’s Events page. On our menu on this day were BBQ Pork Steaks, Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Baked Potatoes.

3. Atlas of the Heart: A Sisters Book Club on the Unlocking Us Podcast - If you are even considering reading Brené Brown’s new book, I highly recommend you listen to all three parts of the Sisters Book Club podcast episodes. The book is amazing and hearing some of the stories told in this fun interview makes it that much better. Image credit: Brene Brown Podcast/Spotify

4. Coping With a Constantly Changing COVID Finish Line - Article by Doreen Dodgen-Magee, Psy.D. I had the pleasure of meeting Doreen at an event that I volunteered for with Dr. Omar Reda and Project Untangled a few years back. Doreen was there to talk about kids and technology. She is a psychologist, author, and speaker who focuses on how technology shapes people. The article has some simple steps we all can do to take back a little control. Image credit Instagram @drdoreendm

5. Recipe I'm loving right now - Quick and Easy Bean Soup (if you want to be fancy: Rustic Italian Bean Soup) I have a very fond memory of the first time I had this delicious soup. I was on a trip to the mountains of Southern California for a snowboarding sales meeting. I was able to stop in at my Mom’s house before heading to my meetings. Mom, of course, had dinner ready. The melty parm and the crusty bread dipped into the soup, oh so good!

What are you doing, watching, and reading these days? Shoot me an email or comment below, I'd love to hear all about it.


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