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First day of school jitters

Ok, it wasn’t my first day of school, but it was the first day of a new contract at a way cool digital agency that I hadn’t worked for before.

I’m extremely grateful to have worked in the creative biz in Portland for many, many years. So at said way cool agency there were a few familiar, friendly faces. Those faces were welcoming, surprised and happy to see me.

The work is 100% within my wheelhouse, yet I still got that “oh shit, am I good enough” feeling. New agency means new tools, new processes and new relationships. All of which I love, and still the jitters.

Honestly, jitters = a good thing. It means getting out of my comfort zone. It means pushing myself to step up. It means, wait for it, being vulnerable.

My friend Rabbi Brian told me once that anxiety and excitement involve the same chemical processes in the brain. I decided to lean into this thought as I waited to meet my new team.

So what’s the lesson here for me? There are a few:

  • If it’s uncomfortable, do it anyway.

  • Meeting new people is super fun.

  • I still got it.

  • I am grateful for my community and the referrals that fuel my business.

What have you done recently that took you out of your comfort zone? I’d love to hear it.

Thanks and shout outs: Jodi, Martha, Thomas, Tyson, Phong, Tsilli.


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