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Recipes for Gathering | Baklava

Making baklava is one of my holiday traditions, what are some of yours?

While in middle school I was in the 4H. As part of 4H, you entered various things into the various competitions at the Del Mar Fair. For me that was a lamb, some sewing, snickerdoodles and baklava. My little lamb was super little so he didn’t qualify for any awards. I got a blue ribbon for my sewing and snickerdoodles. The baklava, I won the Sweepstakes award. The best of the best of desserts.

It’s been over 10 years since I made baklava. I don’t really know why. This year’s batch turned out so good. I think it was so delicious because I was able to make it in the company of good friends, with laughter and the 49er game in the air. And of course I felt like mom was right there in my kitchen with us.

My Christmas gift to you is our Baklava recipe. I hope when you make it you’ll feel the love of my mom and I.


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