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Virtual-ing Well

While I’m not able to host groups out here at the Peach Cheesecake Ranch right now, I, like some of you, am spending A LOT more time connecting with people virtually. I thought I’d gather a collection of resources to help us get the most of our virtual time together. Tips for meetings, time wasters, personal flourishing, pretty pictures and just some pure joy.  Enjoy!

A Few Items From Harvard Business Review

Tips For Your Big Virtual Meetings

How To Combat Zoom Fatigue

Virtual Meetings Don’t Have To Be A Bore

10 Websites Worth Wasting Time On

From Jen McFarland of Women Conquer Business

20 Online Energizers For Virtual Teams And Remote Meetings

By The SessionLab

Resources for Working from Home, Staying Sane, and Supporting Your Team

From Productive Flourishing

Meditation Is Magic

From Rabbi Brian Of Religion Outside The Box

'Oregon Field Guide' Zoom Backgrounds Bring Northwest Nature To Meetings

From OPB

Re-designing An Awesome Meeting Experience, Remotely


And My Absolute Favorite, Some Good News

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