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What have you learned or gained during this past pandemic year?

In all seriousness, I really want to know. This was a question we asked in the Mission Video that was created for the All Hands Raised Party with a Purpose Fundraiser.

We all have lost a lot. People we love. Our ability to socialize with our friends and family. Hugs. Sharing french fries in a crowded booth with our besties. Hosting groups out here at The Ranch.

What have we gained? What thing or things have we learned or started doing that we are going to make a permanent part of our life? Practicing Anti-racism. Showing compassion and gratitude for those on the front lines. Making my shopping choices include BIPOC establishments. Baking sourdough bread (although I did start that just before the pandemic started, thank you very much, Angie.)

In the comments below, I'd love to see some of the things you'll be carrying forward. Some of the things that have enriched your life during this past pandemic year. Or send it to me in an email here:

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Denise Ransome
Denise Ransome
Mar 22, 2021

I invite you to share what you've gained or learned this past pandemic year here.

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