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8 Ways You Can Supercharge Your Next Meeting.

Tired of uninspired meetings around the same old conference table? It might be time get your team into a fresh environment so you can capture, catalyze and take action on your best thinking. I've gathered some of the reasons why I've built the Peach Cheesecake Ranch in the first place. Mix it up people. Trust me.

Be more focused.

You can leave the distractions of the office and life in your rear-view mirror.

Fresh ideas.

Your team will show up with a fresh perspective with the change of scenery. Being in a new place allows you to think differently about things so you can generate new and more creative ideas.

Boost morale.

You can boost morale by showing you care about your team enough to take them away from the office to catalyze their best thinking.

Increase productivity.

There are studies that show that just gazing at nature can increase your productivity. Here’s an Inc. Magazine article with the science behind it.

Team bonding.

Getting your team away from the office lets the team see each other in a different environment where they may be a little more open to see their team in a new light.

Get out of the daily grind.

A change of scenery that can be rejuvenating and inspiring.

Get more done.

By setting a finite agenda for a single day the team will be motivated to make decisions faster.

Make and impression.

An offsite meeting gives that meeting more clout. Getting away from the office shows you are committed to the team’s success.

If you'd like to talk about how to supercharge your next meeting give me a shout.


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