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Be like these two

These two may look like they are just kicking back and enjoying the view. In fact, they are badass action takers. They are taking control of their time and are taking advantage of the space so they can take action. Both of these women are return Take Action Retreat attendees.

One spent the day getting her Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) populated and organized. This was a task she had been putting off that had started to affect her business. One day at the Retreat and she was able to get real traction with her clients.

The other worked on a stewardship communication plan for an important event. This is what she said about why she attends, “this retreat calls to me every year, because I am the person who walks into the office and gets distracted by a stream of people, meetings, and emails...and sometimes Instagram.”

It's time to Take Action #GSD. Come to the next Take Action Retreat on Saturday, April 20th and get the space and time you need for your important projects.

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