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✅ New dates announced for the season of action 💥


  • Saturday, 4/20

  • Friday, 6/7 - Collaboration with Council of Visionary Business Builders Founder, Michael Knouse

  • Friday, 9/20

I’m calling the next few months the season of action. Yep, it’s time to stop belly button gazing and start really getting some traction on your most important projects.

It doesn’t matter what you are working on. It matters that you give yourself the time and space to show up, do your best work and check things off your to do list. That’s what the Take Action Retreat is all about.

This powerful retreat is for an intimate group (12-15 tops) of optimistic entrepreneurs, action-taking business leaders and insatiable learners.

While I can’t stop time, I can create the atmosphere for you and a few others to take action on something in your business that you are itching to get at and finish. I take the distractions out of the mix. I provide food, quiet space, feedback, support, wi-fi and facilitated work sessions. This is all about you getting your sh*t done! #GSD

What about you? Are you ready to take action? Let’s do it together. Learn more and get registered today.

If this isn't for you right now, maybe you know someone who could benefit from attending, I would be very grateful if you would pass this email onto them.

If you have more questions or would like to chat about what has you stuck, give me a call (503) 805-0925.

Your accountabilibuddy,

Denise Ransome

Peach Cheesecake Ranch 🍑🧀🍰

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