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How's your focus right now? And what are you focusing on?

Are you having a hard time focusing right now? If you’re nodding, there’s absolutely no shame in that. The COVID-19 situation is bad and getting worse. The racial injustice happening is unacceptable. Black Lives Matter period. Portland is a national hot spot, and the often inaccurate coverage is taking away from the reason the protests are happening in the first place, to break down systemic racism. To see a non-hyped view of what’s happening check this and this.

And…we're supposed to focus on our work with all of this going on. I’m a project manager for crying out loud and I’m struggling. To get back on track I’ve gone to my tried and true process of writing down all the things that are swirling around in my head on a physical piece of paper. The act of just writing it all down does wonders for my stress. Then you can take stock in what is truly a priority. What are the things that are have-to-get-dones? Then I move the priority items along with some simple, easy tasks to my to do list. Again, this is a physical to do list for me. (Keep the full brain dump sheet and refer back as needed.) I consider it a successful day when I check even one of those things off the list. And yes, I create little boxes that I get to check off when I complete something. That little endorphin rush motivates me to keep going.

What works for you?

If you’d like a little productivity pep talk, hit me up. If nothing else misery loves company.

Listening, unlearning, learning.

With gratitude and credit to Yolanda Renteria @thisisyolandarenteria

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