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Get some traction on your year-end goals.

It’s Fall Y’all. You know what that means? Just a little over three months to finish out your 2019 goals and projects.

I have a tool I use at my Take Action Retreats and Workshops that I think just might help you clear through the clutter so you can take action and plan the next steps for your year-end goals. The tool is designed to help you get all of those actions out of your head, into a list and then into a workflow that is visual and easy to follow. I’ve adapted one page of this tool based on a Kanban board. The underlying Kanban method originated in lean manufacturing inspired by the Toyota Production System (TPS). Japanese industrial engineers developed the system between 1948 and 1975.

The the other page has a Mandala designed by one of my action taking partners, Jody Temple White.

Supplies needed:

  • Paper - one piece per project

  • Sticky note flags (the little ones that are 1/2 inch by 1 3/4 inches)

  • Printed To Do, Doing, Done worksheet

  • Printed Take Action Mandala

  • Colored pens or sharpies, ideally that match your sticky note flags

Here’s how it works:

Start on a piece of paper and brainstorm all of the tasks you can think of for your project. Just let it fly, stream of consciousness style. If you have more than one project in the works, use a separate piece of paper or make a column for each project.

Review your list and get rid of duplicates and determine if these are tasks you are ready to commit to.

Once you are ready to commit, transfer your tasks to the sticky note flags. Use one color of flag per project, if you have more than one.

Using the To Do, Doing, Done worksheet, place them all in the To Do Column. Move the first three you’ll Take Action on to the Doing Column. When you complete a task move it to the Done column.

Grab your Mandala Worksheet and celebrate your action. Use a colored pen that matches your sticky note flag and color in a shape for each task you complete.

Now are you ready to try this tried and true, tested productivity tool? Click here to download your very own Take Action Worksheet.

And if you want to try it with me, live and in person, the next Take Action Retreat is coming up on September 20th. I’m partnering with Visionary Business Coach Michael Knouse to help a small group of business builders give their year end goals a hefty kick start.

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