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On being in alignment

My dream to build The Ranch was born out of my desire to serve people. To create an environment where folks could make sense of all the things swirling around in their heads so they could focus on the work that matters.

I can truly say that is exactly what happens here. Teams come to create and execute strategies. Individuals come to get focused on big projects and get shit done. Visions are pondered and crafted. It makes me feel wonderful to know that I’ve been able to in some way facilitate the powerful work that is done here.

And…it just isn’t quite happening as often as I had wanted or hoped at this point. Building a business is hard work. It’s showing up each day to play the long game. It’s getting out of your comfort zone by putting yourself out there. As a career-long project manager, I have spent a really long time helping others step up, shine and market themselves. I can say it is so much harder for me to do for myself.

So as I build this business that has so much potential, I have to split my time doing work that pays the bills. And I’ve been fortunate enough to find work that is 100% inline with my dream of helping people make sense of all that stuff and focus on work that matters. I get to do that with my client, All Hands Raised by helping bring an absolutely stunning report to the community and executing a yearly fancy pants fundraiser held on the floor of the Moda Center. I get to travel with teams like the one at Territory to create presentations for IHG that bring their vision and strategy to life on a 72 x 17 foot screen. I work with Opus Events as part of the event planning team for clients like Workday and AWS supporting over 50,000 attendees at a single event.

I’d say even though this work isn’t serving people at The Ranch, it is still in alignment with my personal philosophy of helping people focus on the work that matters and that everything can be done with ease and grace.

For me it’s important remind ourselves of this. As we work to grow our businesses, we have to find ways to create income and stay in alignment with what matters most to us. We need to find "work" that stays in line with our goals and philosophies.

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for the past two weeks. And I know that I’m making an impact. I just got this email from one of my current event clients, this is why I do what I do, “😊 Everything is going very well! I wish you were here. You have been such an amazing support throughout the pre-planning. I couldn’t have survived without you.”

How are you keeping your dream alive while staying true to your work philosophy. I would love to hear it.

And lastly…say it with me, everything can be done with ease and grace.

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