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Tools for productivity

I’ve been a project and event manager for most of my career. Even when that wasn’t my title. I have always found myself shepherding teams and individuals in some way, shape or form toward doing their best work.

Over those years I’ve found some various tools for keeping myself and my teams on track. Here are a few of my favorites.

Kanban - or what I call my Take Action Worksheet - I’ve adapted this tool based on a Kanban board. The underlying Kanban method originated in lean manufacturing inspired by the Toyota Production System (TPS). Japanese industrial engineers developed the system between 1948 and 1975. Click here to download your personal Take Action Worksheet.

Trello - this online project tool is pretty much a digital Kanban tool. It’s a great place to gather all of your projects and project details in one place. I’ve used it with several of my clients and for my own personal projects. My latest is creating my very own cookbook. Check out Trello for yourself.

Momentum Planners - created by the folks at Productive Flourishing, this is not your average planner. This is how they describe it, “As a creative change-maker working on multiple projects with different deadlines – and a whole cast of collaborators, clients, and others experiencing your work – you need more than a conventional planner can offer. You need clarity on your objectives at any given time.” Head on over to Productive Flourishing and see for yourself.

Good ole pencil and paper - To be honest this is still one of my go tos. For me, I have to write it down in order for it to be committed to my brain. I have also created the habit of, while in a meeting, if an action item is mentioned I create a box within my notes to signify action needed. I guess I’ve been using a form of Bullet Journaling for years. Learn more about Bullet Journaling here.

I'd love to hear about your favorite productivity tools. Email me at

And you can put some of these tools to work on your epic projects at the next Take Action Retreat on Friday, March 22nd.

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