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Nature = Productivity

Did you know that just gazing at nature can boost productivity? I had a hunch that was the case. I know I feel more productive now that my office has a view of The Columbia River Gorge.

This article from Inc. explains why just taking a break to stare at nature scenes improved workers performance. If you want to go deeper you can see the research behind this claim here in this Harvard Business Review article. This quote from the researcher sums it up nicely.

"We implicitly sense that nature is good for us, and there has been a lot of research into its extensive social, health, and mental benefits and the mechanisms through which they occur. Our findings suggest that engaging in these green microbreaks—taking time to look at nature through the window, on a walk outside, or even on a screen saver—can be really helpful for improving attention and performance in the workplace." – University of Melbourne researcher, Kate Lee

I thought you might find this tidbit of information interesting.

If you are wanting to take a nature break just minutes from Portland yet miles away, come on out for a tour of my retreat space. Send me an email with some dates and times and we'll plan a visit.

And one last thing, where do you like to go to get your few minutes of nature time?

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