Work From Home Challenge #9

Sticky Note Therapy | What’s going well?

It’s easy to get caught up in all of the scary and negative aspects of life right now. Let’s flip it and take a few moments to focus on what’s going well.

Grab your sticky notes and quickly jot down everything you can think of that is going well right now. Come on, you can do it. Even as basic as “I got up this morning.” Or “It’s not raining right now.” Or “I’m lucky I’m isolated with my partner.” Now take a photo, post it and tag it with #whatsgoingwell and #playwfh today.

My dear friend Greg Bell, author of Water the Bamboo, has a newer book called, What’s Going Well? This book uncovers the key to bringing optimism into your daily life by embracing a "What's Going Well" mindset. He is also one of my early encouragers when the idea of the Peach Cheesecake Ranch was just beginning to sprout. We had many coffees together over the years. And way back then, we always started our conversation with “what’s going well?”

I really internalized this question and it definitely fits with my goals and mission in life. As a freelance project manager I found myself working from within my clients’ offices. And on a fairly regular basis I would just write “What’s going well?” on random white boards around the office. Just as a way to give people a moment to pause and focus on the good.

That quick phrase can be found on my own white board here at The Ranch between retreats. This morning it was not. Now it is. Here are my answers to “What’s going well?” right now. And you know what? I’m going to leave this up on my whiteboard and add to it every morning. Thanks Greg!

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