Work From Home Challenge #6 | Connection

Video Conference Screenshot

It’s important to stay connected with your team, family and friends. Post a screenshot of one of your online meetings. Bonus points for funny faces.

Here are a few of mine from last week: Boss Ladies PDX, WDS Community Check-in and a few friend happy hours.

I have come to the conclusion that the main, core reason I’ve created my little retreat space was to bring people together. Together to collectively work on business outcomes. Together to plan your dream life. Together to get focused on what really matters to you. Together to just hang out and be. I’ve also gotten real clear that I crave community and togetherness. I’ve spent my entire career creating ways for people to collaborate: as a brand manager in the snowboard biz, as a project manager in the agency biz, as a facilitator and retreat owner.

My personal mission is that everything can be done with ease and grace. And in the past week, I’ve realized that right now the word “together” is missing from that mission. So for now, I’m amending it to be, “Together, everything can be done with ease and grace.”

I also think that right now, it’s ok to feel lonely, ok to feel unsure, ok to feel sad, ok to feel a little scared. And it’s ok to reach out and ask for what you need from your friends, family and community. Albeit, via phone, video conference, email or text, but reach out. We are all feeling it right now and that’s ok.

One more time, say it with me...together, everything can be done with ease and grace.

If you want to keep following along with the Work From Challenge, here are all the places you can do that:

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