Work From Home Challenge #15

Fun with food | Sourdough Bread Have you found yourself baking in these strange times? I sure have. This week was a lemon pound cake and sourdough bread. Post a pic of your favorite food concoction.

For today’s Work From Home challenge I made a video (kinda long, sorry about that) of the entire Sourdough bread making process. It was about 14 minutes of hands on time, just over 24 hours total time.

There is something incredibly therapeutic about baking. I once thought, on one particularly stressful cat herding, project management day, that I would just love to work in a bakery and bake bread all day. Who knew I would get that wish…sort of. Here’s an article that goes into the why behind my obsession with baking. One of my favorite things about having The Ranch is being able to cook for people. It really is what brings me the most joy. Now that I’ve learned how to bake my own bread, y’all will have to come out and try some. Keep following along with the Work From Challenge here: Instagram: @peachcheesecakeranch Facebook: Twitter: @peachcheesecake LinkedIn: #playwfh #productivity #gsd #peachcheesecakeranch

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