Work From Home Challenge #12

Productivity | Repeatable Processes

What repeatable processes do you use? Post a pic or video to show it to us.

Having repeatable processes allows you to spend less time planning the work so you can spend more time doing the work.

For my Take Action Retreats I have a set of processes and tools that I use for each retreat. The work that is done by the Action Takers is vastly different each time. So I have to be flexible with the type of support and coaching that will be provided.

To make my life a little easier, each retreat has a very similar set of tasks for planning. So I created a set of tools using Google Drive to plan the retreats. I have one Google Sheet that houses all of my planning tools: Attendance, Income/Expenses, Menu, Grocery List, Checklist, Promo Plan. For each new retreat, I don’t reinvent the wheel, I simply copy the Google Sheet and update accordingly.

To execute the retreat, I also have a set of execution tools. My tools to create the experience of the Take Action Retreat are: Promotional Emails, Detailed Intake Survey, Pre-event Get Clear 1:1 Calls, What to Expect Doc, Agenda, Welcome Script, Action Trackers, Take Acton Worksheets, Attendee Values Info Sheets, Values Word Cloud, Recipes. I am able to pull up the execution tools from the previous retreat to use as a starting point with few that I am able to reuse verbatim.

These repeatable processes allow me to reduce the amount of time planning the event so I can free up brain space to be able to create an engaging environment and hold space for the folks that are attending.

What kinds of things do you repeat for your work and projects? Are there some that you repeat all the time that you don’t even think about?

See these tools in action at my next Virtual Take Action Retreat on Friday, April 7th.

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