Work From Home Challenge #11

Connection | Online Gatherings

Post a screenshot of one of your online gatherings and share the why behind that particular online group. 

My screenshot is a gathering of my tribe from Camp Good Life Project. I attended Camp for all five years it existed starting in 2014. Being a part of this tribe has been invaluable to my life in so many ways. I believe going to Camp and the “work” that I did during those 2 ½ days in upstate New York gave me the confidence and gumption to really roll up my sleeves to make the kernel of the idea of the Peach Cheesecake Ranch grow into a full fledged dream come true. I also have a group of amazing humans in my corner. Some of which are now my very dearest friends. 

Gathering is important to me. I have created a space for folks to come together away from their normal circumstances, away from the daily grind so that they can truly open up to the possibilities. The Ranch exists for exactly this. I can say that the groups that have come out and done some deep work here have validated my why. And that feels good. And...when we are all able to yet again, gather in person, the Peach Cheesecake Ranch will be here ready to embrace you, your teams, your family and your friends. 

For now, like the rest of the world, Gene and I are sheltering in place. And my what a beautiful place to get to do that. 

Love and light my friends, love and light!


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