#PLAYWFH Challenge 2

Productivity | Personal task tracker

How do you stay organized? Post a photo of your favorite way to keep track of your to do list. Be sure to tag #playwfh in your post so we can all follow along.

This photo is from a particularly busy week while producing All Hands Raised’s annual fundraiser.

As you can see, I’m a pencil and paper girl. I learned a system many, many moons ago from a Franklin Covey seminar that I have adapted throughout the years. Each Monday I start a new to-do list and work tracking page. I add all of the tasks I can think of, one task per line with a little square box next to each. (Checking off a task brings me intense pleasure. I have even put tasks on the list that I’ve already completed just so I can check the box.) As the week progresses, I continue to add to that to-do list. One of my practices that really helps me capture all of the things I need to do is during conversations and meetings I document each action needed. If I’m taking notes in my notebook, I’ll add a square box within the notes. If I’m taking notes on my computer, I add the word ACTION next to each action item.

As an independent contractor and solopreneur I need to keep track of hours spent on various projects and clients. I found that in order to not “lose” hours I need to keep track as the day goes on. I do this bullet journal style.

I created the Peach Cheesecake Ranch because I am called to serve. I created a space that helps people and teams get focused and be productive. While we are practicing social distancing, I still, maybe even more, feel the urge to help. That’s the core reason behind the Work From Home Challenge. This idea was born out of the need to find a way to help people be the most productive they can while we work in isolation. And I hope, have a little fun posting their experiences and seeing other people’s too.

#playwfh #productivity #gsd #peachcheesecakeranch

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