Work From Home Challenge #12

Productivity | Repeatable Processes What repeatable processes do you use? Post a pic or video to show it to us. Having repeatable processes allows you to spend less time planning the work so you can spend more time doing the work. For my Take Action Retreats I have a set of processes and tools that I use for each retreat. The work that is done by the Action Takers is vastly different each time. So I have to be flexible with the type of support and coaching that will be provided. To make my life a little easier, each retreat has a very similar set of tasks for planning. So I created a set of tools using Google Drive to plan the retreats. I have one Google Sheet that houses all of my planning

Work From Home Challenge #11

Connection | Online Gatherings Post a screenshot of one of your online gatherings and share the why behind that particular online group. My screenshot is a gathering of my tribe from Camp Good Life Project. I attended Camp for all five years it existed starting in 2014. Being a part of this tribe has been invaluable to my life in so many ways. I believe going to Camp and the “work” that I did during those 2 ½ days in upstate New York gave me the confidence and gumption to really roll up my sleeves to make the kernel of the idea of the Peach Cheesecake Ranch grow into a full fledged dream come true. I also have a group of amazing humans in my corner. Some of which are now my very dearest frie

Work From Home Challenge #10

Fun with food | Clean out the fridge Friday Been cooking all week? Let’s see what you have in your fridge. Post a photo and tag it with #PlayWFH. I have been cooking all week a couple of weeks actually. So my fridge is full of lots and lots of leftovers. So today is, eat them all before they go bad, day for us. Here’s a list of all of the goodness that we’ll piece together for meals today: Mac n cheese - courtesy of Sugarpine Drive-in. Lasagna Plain lasagna noodles Pasta sauce Lentils and rice (Mujadara) Veggies and dill dip Sourdough bread Beans and rice Cauliflower and broccoli Cinnamon rolls (you can see those posted on IG and FB yesterday) Stoller Chehalem Inox Chardonnay - Friday, duh!

Work From Home Challenge #9

Sticky Note Therapy | What’s going well? It’s easy to get caught up in all of the scary and negative aspects of life right now. Let’s flip it and take a few moments to focus on what’s going well. Grab your sticky notes and quickly jot down everything you can think of that is going well right now. Come on, you can do it. Even as basic as “I got up this morning.” Or “It’s not raining right now.” Or “I’m lucky I’m isolated with my partner.” Now take a photo, post it and tag it with #whatsgoingwell and #playwfh today. My dear friend Greg Bell, author of Water the Bamboo, has a newer book called, What’s Going Well? This book uncovers the key to bringing optimism into your daily life by embracing

Work From Home Challenge #8

Recess | Get your groove on Stop what you’re doing, get up and do something physical. Then post a pic or video of how you are moving and grooving today. Ok, so this makes me super uncomfortable but for the sake of this challenge I’m gonna post it. This is me taking a 5 minute break to do a quick Body Groove workout. This is my preferred workout method. I do a 20-30 minute Body Groove workout at least four mornings a week. It’s surprisingly fun and something I’ve stayed consistent with for over a year. As mentioned in the WFH Challenge post from last Wednesday, out here at The Ranch I always put breaks and movement time in my retreat agendas. Just taking a quick five minute break gives your m

Work From Home Challenge #7

Productivity | Tools Share some of your favorite productivity tools. We all need some extra productivity tips and tricks right now. Productivity is at the core of everything I do, pretty much each and every day. I coach productivity. One of my longtime productivity coaching clients is Rabbi Brian. He is doing some great work on how to be spiritual with the God of your understanding through Religion Outside the Box. I practice productivity as a contract project and event manager for clients like All Hands Raised, Instrument and Opus Events. I model productivity as a retreat owner and facilitator for great organizations like Nemo Design, Insitu, Cerbo, Farmers Insurance, NWEA and Portland Park

Work From Home Challenge #6 | Connection

Video Conference Screenshot It’s important to stay connected with your team, family and friends. Post a screenshot of one of your online meetings. Bonus points for funny faces. Here are a few of mine from last week: Boss Ladies PDX, WDS Community Check-in and a few friend happy hours. I have come to the conclusion that the main, core reason I’ve created my little retreat space was to bring people together. Together to collectively work on business outcomes. Together to plan your dream life. Together to get focused on what really matters to you. Together to just hang out and be. I’ve also gotten real clear that I crave community and togetherness. I’ve spent my entire career creating ways for

Work From Home Challenge #5 | Fun with Food

Work From Home Challenge #5 | Fun with Food Slow Food Post a pic or video of what you have cooking today. Don’t forget to tag it #playwfh. One of the perks of working from home is that you have the time to cook slow food. Get something started in the morning, perhaps in a crockpot. Here’s what I’m slow cooking today. Or at least getting started today. Sourdough bread. I’ve just recently picked this back up with the amazing instruction from my lovely cousin Angie. This is my sourdough starter that I keep in the fridge between bread bakings. It usually takes all day to get Seymour (that’s what I call my starter) back to life and ready to use. Then I’ll put the loaf together tonight. Tomorrow w

Work From Home Challenge #3

Sticky Note Therapy Sometimes in order to be able to focus on the positive, we need to get the negative out of our heads first. I think this is so needed right now. Grab a sticky note and write down anything that is feeling like a barrier to really showing up for yourself right now. One item per sticky note. Then slap that thing on the wall as a metaphorical way of letting that barrier go. What unspoken blocker is keeping you from really showing up? Take a photo of your sticky note and/or notes and post them so everyone can help you let go of that negativity. And don't forget to tag your post with #playwfh. Here’s mine. A couple of other things: - If you want to see how I use Sticky Note The

Work From Home Challenge #3 | Recess

Recess | Get your blood pumping It’s super important to make sure we are taking breaks while we are all sequestered working from home. For one of those breaks today add a little movement. Post a video doing 10 pushups, jumping jacks, play time outside or your best running man. My Challenge video today is a time lapse video of our short and sweet trail at The Ranch. What are you doing during your breaks today? Post it and remember to tag it with #playwfh. Part of the importance of running retreats is making sure there is scheduled down time in the agenda. When I plan a day for any of my clients, I make sure there are ample breaks and with the space being out here in Corbett, I have the abilit

#PLAYWFH Challenge 2

Productivity | Personal task tracker How do you stay organized? Post a photo of your favorite way to keep track of your to do list. Be sure to tag #playwfh in your post so we can all follow along. This photo is from a particularly busy week while producing All Hands Raised’s annual fundraiser. As you can see, I’m a pencil and paper girl. I learned a system many, many moons ago from a Franklin Covey seminar that I have adapted throughout the years. Each Monday I start a new to-do list and work tracking page. I add all of the tasks I can think of, one task per line with a little square box next to each. (Checking off a task brings me intense pleasure. I have even put tasks on the list that I’v

Let’s put some play into working from home.

Many of us are finding ourselves working from home for the next few weeks. For many this is new, and for some this is what we do. Let’s create a movement by finding the positives and fun in working from home. This is one small way to feel connected, be productive and for fucks sake have some fun. #playwfh Working From Home Challenge This will be a collection of tasks that you can easily do while working from home. We’re going to ask for pictures, videos and pro tips for how to get the most out of this unprecedented time with so many of us working from home together. Each working day we’ll issue a new challenge with instructions for how to play along. Make sure and add #playwfh to your post

Work From Home Challenge #1

Connections | Show and Tell - Show us your work space. Introduce the world to your work space environment. Share a photo of your space so we can all visualize you at home being productive. Here is where you'll find me. Miss Chloe is never far from my side. #playwfh #productivity #gsd #peachcheesecakeranch

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